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Nike Reveal Serena Williams X Off-White Cape-Jacket Just In Time For The French Open

Nike Reveal Serena Williams X Off-White Cape-Jacket Just In Time For The French Open

Whatever she wears, you know she’s gonna slay.


Serena Williams has witnessed success on the court for over 20 years as a professional tennis player. Her latest success, however, is a foray away from sports and instead, into the world of clothing. Last week Nike revealed Williams’ new cape-jacket, the result of a collaboration between the tennis star, the brand and Off-White’s Virgil Abloh. 

To create the unique piece, Abloh took inspiration from all aspects of Williams life, not just that which play out on a tennis court. As a result, Williams’ entire identity is weaved into the seams of the garment, celebrating her many roles as mother, woman, athlete, and icon. The cape-jacket is adorned with French words which translate to ‘Mother, Champion, Queen, Goddess’. 

The garment is made of a performance seersucker material created by Nike specifically for Williams. The material itself has been dubbed ‘Ever’, a nod to the material she previously wore at this year’s Australian Open which was called ‘Greatest’. The cape itself takes design cues from superheroes, a gentle reminder of the catsuit Williams wore at the French tournament last year which garnered much criticism. The French Tennis Federation has since restricted dress requirements for competitors, stating that Williams’ look went ‘too far’. 

The outfit is completed with a matching skirt, whilst Abloh and Nike have also created a limited edition t-shirt and a baseball cap. The items are available from nike.com in both Europe and North America and are currently selling at the Nike Champs-Elysees store and P75 to celebrate Serena at the French Open. 


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