Netflix Releases Andy Warhol Docuseries Trailer

‘The Andy Warhol Diaries’ Netflix trailer release, executive produced by Ryan Murphy.


Netflix released the first trailer for Ryan Murphy’s ‘The Andy Warhol Diaries’ based on Warhol’s book published in 1989 posthumously. The original print memoir was edited by Pat Hackett, a frequent collaborator and longtime friend of Warhol. 

Known for being a genius and creator of contemporary culture, Andy Warhol is often isolated from his humanness. Netflix and executive producer Ryan Murphy plan to use AI technology to bring Warhol’s voice back to life.

The trailer begins with a voice saying “Andy Warhol’s greatest work of art is Andy Warhol.” Interviews and voiceovers are coupled with intimate, rare photos and videos of Warhol and his work. 

The netflix documentary series will provide a more authentic side to Warhol by including his real thoughts and entries. His sexuality, relationships with others, and struggles with mental health will all be included in the six-part docuseries. Basquiat, John Waters, and Rob Lowe are all featured in the trailer.