Nat Oaks Unveils 'Platforms' EP: A Sonic Journey Through Confidence and Vulnerability

Bristol's rising star delivers a captivating blend.


Nat Oaks, the rising star from Bristol, is set to make waves once again with her highly anticipated sophomore EP, 'Platforms'. Following the success of her teaser singles 'Hard To Forget' and 'Tightrope', Nat Oaks delivers a captivating blend of nostalgic hip-hop beats, soulful instrumentation, and modern production on her latest project.

'Platforms' is a testament to Nat's evolution as an artist, showcasing her growth and maturity over the past two years. With tracks like 'Conscience', Nat exudes assertive confidence, while on 'Hurricane', she delves into vulnerable, spellbinding alternative R&B, captivating listeners with her emotive vocals and introspective lyrics.


In a recent statement, Nat Oaks shares insights into the creative process behind 'Platforms', revealing that the EP has been in the works for the past two years. Collaborating closely with her producer, Cal Lewis (Chela Omen), Nat drew inspiration from Jaden's 'SYRE' album, crafting a project that explores the complexities of relationships and personal growth.

One standout track from the EP is 'Tightrope', which Nat describes as her favorite. With its old-school boom-bap rhythm and infectious energy, the song exemplifies Nat's ability to blend various musical influences seamlessly. Born during a late-night writing session, 'Tightrope' captures a pivotal moment in Nat's career, where she found the freedom to express her emotions authentically.


Hailing from Bristol, Nat Oaks is redefining British hip-hop and alternative pop with her distinctive sound and conscious lyricism. Her infectious live performances have garnered attention from major music industry players, including Warner Chappell Music. Sharing stages with artists like Pip Millett and Jelani Blackman, Nat Oaks has solidified her place as one of the most promising talents in the UK music scene.

As 'Platforms' prepares to hit the airwaves, Nat Oaks invites listeners on a sonic journey filled with depth, emotion, and undeniable talent. With her honest storytelling and infectious charisma, Nat Oaks is poised for a breakthrough moment in her career, and 'Platforms' is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting musical journey ahead.