12 Must-Have Mesh Garms To Show Off Your Daring Side

Mesh. It. Up.


Stand by, cos things are about to get meshy. Gone are the days when the near-transparent material would strike fear into even the most confident of hearts. It's no longer, 'Oh shit, can you see my bra strap?', but more, 'Is my nipple piercing visible enough?'. We've come a long way, and so too has mesh.

It neither has to be overtly sexual – although, we'd be lying if we didn't admit to being a bit obsessed with that – or too goth rocker; it can also be subtle and versatile, depending on how it's made and how it's layered. We love it when it's sporty or unconventional – for example, the awesome mesh sneakers we picked out below.

Scroll down to check out our 12 favorite mesh products to shop right now.


Andrea Bogosian Mesh Blouse

When you think of mesh sportswear, oversized tees usually come to mind. This Andrea Bogosian take, however, fits much closer to the body for a streamlined look. For extra tactility, the “1850” logo is applique.

Shop it here for $417.


Junya Watanabe Black Wide Mesh Tights

You may or may not have to be insane to drop over a hundred dollars on what is essentially a leg net, but you can't deny that these Junya Watanabe tights have the perfect aesthetic. They'll probably stay up a lot better than your average dollar store buy, too – but don't take our word for it.

Shop them here for $125.


Dorothee Schumacher Mesh Blouse

This unusual blouse has a kind of apron silhouette which, quite ironically, is the closest you'll probably ever get to being a housewife, or a server of anything but fierce looks.

Shop it here for $250.


Junya Watanabe Black Wide Mesh Sweater

Layered under anything with short sleeves or worn alone, this Junya Watanabe “sweater” is a gothic instant fix.

Shop it here for $195.


Marc Cain Mesh Concealed Wedge Sneakers

Solving summer's too-sweaty-for-sneakers dilemma, and featuring a boosting concealed-wedge heel, these edgy mesh sneakers are a winner on all fronts.

Shop them here for $443.


Helmut Lang Mesh Overlay Skirt

This Helmut Lang overlay skirt was made to be layered over jeans or leathers. No one would object if you just slung it straight over your underpants though. Exposed thongs are back in anyway, so if all else fails, you can just blame fashion.

Shop it here for $468.


The Ragged Priest Dash Sheer Striped Dress

This relaxed Ragged Priest dress is cute, sporty and sexy all in one go. The colorful striped panel adds a nice punch – and covers your tits if you decide to go braless with shorts underneath – and the frills at the bottom are to die for.

Shop it here for $65.


TOGA Mesh Blouson Jacket

When we said unconventional, this is what we were talking about. This sheer jacket is perfect for adding a little extra allure to your look, or throwing over evening wear.

Shop it here for $860.


Palm Angels Embroidered Mesh Top

This Palm Angels top definitely deserves a double take, covered with – you guessed it – repeat palm tree embroidery. The logo banding at the bottom keeps it sporty.

Shop it here for $750.


adidas Originals Mesh Striped Quarter Sock

They ain't edgy one bit, but these super-sporty mesh socks will look great whilst venting your smelly feet.

Shop them here for $10.


Alexander McQueen Bralette-Style Mesh Top

Flashing just the right amount of skin, this Alexander McQueen bralette is the perfect sultry staple – and it would also look really great layered beneath a blazer.

Shop it here for $1,385.


TOGA Mesh Wide Leg Trousers

Not quite as intimidating as mesh trousers might suggest, this floaty wide-leg pair will keep you in boss bitch territory with an ass-shielding formal shorts affair.

Shop them here for $635.

Preview image via Instagram @asos_lesley


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