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Move Over Tinder, Facebook Dating Is The New App In Town

Like love? Like likes?


The social media giant is now introducing a special addition to its app. Get ready for Facebook Dating; a sub-section of the app where users 18 years old and up, can match with other users based on their profile, interests and Facebook activity. In the words of Elton John, “are you ready for love?” Sorry…couldn’t resist!

Interestingly, Facebook chose to keep Facebook Dating under the umbrella of Facebook itself, rather than creating a separate app. This means Facebook Dating allows you to match with people based on the details from your profile: location, check-ins, sexual preference, music or hobbies, while still creating a separate profile. Maybe you’ll match with that cute guy from your gym, who knows? 

If that’s not for you, and you would prefer to keep your public and private lives separate, you can preset the service to filter through and hide any of your Facebook friends. Could you think of anything worse than matching with your best friend’s ex? Yikes…There is also the possibility to block someone on your Facebook Dating, without blocking them from your Facebook profile. No, Jeremy, I still don’t want to date you. The first time was bad enough! 

So why should we give Facebook Dating go? Why would it be any better than Tinder or Hinge? Well, due to Facebook’s sheer volume of data on its users, there are many more opportunities to find someone you might actually be compatible with. The ability to divulge more information to your matches, through Facebook and Instagram stories, (if you wish to include them) means you are likely to realize pretty early on, whether you would be a good match for that person. The efficiency we can most definitely get on board with!

The dating service also offers an exciting ‘Secret Crush’ feature where you can like up to nine Facebook friends. If you match with any of them, the app sends you a notification. So, you know that crush you’ve had on that guy since college? Maybe it’s time to finally tell him how you feel. No? Fine, well, at least throw him alike, and see what happens. Facebook Dating is now available in the U.S and is set to drop in Europe in the next few months. 


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