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Michaela Stark’s Lingerie Is The Latest Push Against The Patriarchy 

Beyoncé told us to tell you to read this article. 


Australia-born, Paris-based designer Michaela Stark is celebrating the parts of our bodies that we have been taught to hide. Bombarded with stimuli telling us rolls, lumps and bumps are imperfections, women tend to go for the most flattering options when buying lingerie, or any other clothing for that matter. But baby… it’s cap. These imperfections are merely just natural parts of our bodies, and the female body is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Fuck the system. 


Locked up.

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Created out of silk, lace and chiffon, Stark’s corsets and bustiers feature busy straps and ribbons that cut into the wearer’s body, producing soft bulges that beautifully accentuate the figure. After producing looks for The Carter’s 2018 ‘Apeshit’ video and Beyoncé’s upcoming Black Is King album, Stark is set to open her very own exhibition. Speaking on her creative process, she notes her own insecurities as a driving factor, stating the process can often be an emotional one. “I’m inspired by all the parts of my body I feel insecure about. For me, that’s my stomach, my ‘love handles’, my ‘hip dips’, my boobs, the cellulite on my thighs, my butt and… I also want to say the tops of my arms, but this is a relatively recent thing.” Take our money. 


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