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Make Your Mark With Balenciaga’s Custom Graffiti-Chic Bags

Same, same, but different.


Hate it when someone copies your style? Same. Now, one of our favorite high-end designers and some of the coolest graffiti artists around, are making completely one-of-a-kind bags, exclusively for you. 

It’s true, Balenciaga is going street (again!) with their latest series of Winter handbags that will be entirely customizable at two locations in New York. The option to customize the luxury bags with initials, names or even, birthdays, will be available in a new hourglass model or in the classic styles. Both locations will stock various colorways, sizes, and materials, to allow for a truly unique, custom creation. 

The graffiti artists will be available across 5-8th September at Balenciaga’s Saks 5th Avenue store and, at the Madison Avenue flagship from the 15th-20th of September. It’s official people, graffiti is no longer reserved for the walls of our city; it now hangs expertly off our shoulders in a flawlessly-chic, yet casual fashion.

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