Make This Christmas The Best Yet With These Health Tips

Don't let the cold get to you.


Christmas is a cheerful time of year. It’s an opportunity to bring out the stockings, ugly Christmas jumpers and sing Christmas carols with your loved ones. As exciting as this can be, there’s also a high risk of you or your family falling ill during this season. 

It could be any illness from the flu to the common cold that gets you down. The good thing is this can be prevented if you focus on having safe fun and remembering to stick with healthy habits regardless of the festivities. 

In preparation for the upcoming holidays, here are some ways you can make this Christmas and New Year’s your family’s best one yet.

Encourage Sanitation While Out 

During the holiday season, families tend to be up and down visiting relatives and painting the town red. What this means for their health is that they’re more likely to be exposed to germs that could cause them to get sick. 

To prevent this, prompt them to wash their hands as often as possible. Remember, the proper way to wash your hands is to wet them under warm running water, apply a small amount of liquid soap, wash them thoroughly for at least fifteen seconds and then rinse under running water. Hand sanitizer will probably also be saving grace for you, so carry it around as you go out.

You should also wash your whole body regularly, wrap up warm and wear clean clothing. Change the bedding frequently, and eat from clean plates.

Don’t Ignore Symptoms of Illness 

If you or the kids are experiencing symptoms that indicate something is wrong, don’t let the festivities distract you or make you ignore them. Speak to a health professional or call your GP to get advice about what you should do. 

Sometimes medical professionals get it wrong. They can make a misdiagnosis, not catch an illness and leave you unable to work or live how you used to. If this has happened to you, there are many professionals who can help you out. If you have a question about making a medical negligence claim, ask the specialists so that they can lead down the right path for compensation.

Watch What You Put on Your Plate

Christmas can be a time of overindulgence. While it’s okay to have a chocolate cookie or a second helping of turkey, you need to make sure you are not overeating frequently. When filling your plate, make sure to fill the majority of it with greens and vegetables. Limit the number of roast potatoes and have a recommended amount of turkey on the side.
When it comes to pudding, have a small helping of Christmas pudding – or whatever sweet treat you are serving. You can also have plenty of festive fruit available for those who may be swayed to enjoy a healthier pudding if the option is presented to them. 
You can make the following desserts:

  1. Dark chocolate peppermint truffles
  2. Blueberry Greek yogurt truffles
  3. Fruitcake cookies
  4. Clementine and prosecco jellies

Get Out of the House 

It can be easy to find yourself becoming a couch potato during the holiday season. Catching up on the sleep that you lost out on all year may not be the best for your health, however. Resolve to leave the house with your family regularly and engage in activities like playing football in the park, going to an arcade, or visiting a museum so that you all stay active. 


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