5 Benefits From Doing Pilates

Change your life and find your way to a good and healthy body.


Pilates is balance. It is always the harmony of breathing, the harmony of muscles and thoughts.
If, for some, reason you are bored with active cardio loads, or you have injuries that significantly slow down your performance in the gym, or you heavy weight lifting, then let's consider the advantages of the Joseph Pilates system. 
Joseph Pilates, the founder of the technique that changed the world perception of fitness, was a sickly kid in childhood. He suffered from asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever. However, he was so keen on the idea of ​​being healthy that through intensive training, he was able to become a professional athlete and trainer, and then he helped others to get there. 
His life changed dramatically when, after moving to New York, he developed a technique for restoring wounded soldiers (during the First World War), and then used this technique to help injured dancers (in particular ballet dancers) restore muscle balance, strengthen muscles center, improve posture, develop strength and coordination.

Here are the main benefits of doing pilates. It has changed lives of so many people and it will change yours too. 

 “A man is as young as his spinal column.” (Joseph Pilates)

Pilates technique is based on the stabilization of the spine. In the modern world, with the development of technology, many people live a sedentary lifestyle. This has a direct impact on the lumbar spine (lower back), which tends to overwork. Sitting is not something humans were designed to do and that leads to a lot of problems for people. Pilates exercises are aimed at strengthening the back and core muscles and finding balance between them. A strong back helps not only professional athletes, but everyone else in everyday life as well.

“Pilates is the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit” (Joseph Pilates)

Pilates requires a lot of muscle stability work. Unfortunately, muscle stabilizers are not easy to work on in regular gym environment.  However, stabilization training is the key in any sport, especially in dance, gymnastics and running. In Pilates the body is trained as a whole. Such workouts contribute to the strength and balance of muscle development, and also gives them flexibility and increases the range of motion in the joints. It makes Pilates lovers more balanced and strong. 

“Everyone is the architect of their own happiness” (Joseph Pilates)

Pilates is very safe, as it occurs at a slow pace and requires complete mind control over the body. This system is universal and adapts to anyone who wants to try it. Pilates is perfect for the rehabilitation and recovery of injured athletes, as it has a slight load on the body, where a person usually only works with his own weight. Besides, injuries are something hard to deal with for athletes, on a psychological level. Pilates will help to cope with this. The system allows to clear mind of negative thoughts and emotions, at least during the training.

“Breathing is the first act of life and the last, our very life depends on it” (Joseph Pilates)

Freedom of breathing is directly related to the posture and position of the spine. If, due to poor posture, the diaphragm is constantly in a depressed state, the body begins to breathe superficially. The body lacks oxygen and spends more energy on breathing than it is supposed to. Pilates stretches the core muscles, improving posture and providing deeper breathing. During Pilates classes, our body gets used to breathing in a new way, and this is anti-stress in real life.

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness” (Joseph Pilates)

Usually sexual energy is associated with the level of Kundalini yoga. However, not only yoga can fill and restore the balance of sexual energy, but pilates also is good for producing female energy, so it is also well suited for pregnant women. That’s why women tend to feel more attractive after taking Pilates classes. 

There are no sharp movements in Pilates, there is no race and fight with your body in it. On the contrary, success in Pilates is the ability of a person to create a balance between thoughts, feelings and the body. Pilates finds your way to happiness.


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