Louis Vuitton Looks To Space In Their Latest Cruise 2022 Collection

That's one small step for man, one giant leap for Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton looks to the moon and the stars in their latest collection.

It seems like lockdown has made us all bored of Earth as we've gone space crazy in the past few months through space travel and fashion.

French fashion house, Louis Vuitton fulfills our space traveling fantasies in their Cruise 2022 collection.

Designed by LV's creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière, he collides futuristic graphics with 60s silhouettes.

Taking place around the Axe Majeur, the collection compliments its surroundings of contemporary art designed by Dani Karavan. Ghesquière's choice of location was based off the "the concept of a stargate - an imaginary portal- that can transport us, our feelings and our wishes to someone or something we love" he says.

Described as a seasonless collection, the Cruise collection features a range of structured and boxy silhouettes within tops and coats.

Textures and prints are intertwined with eachother in various looks, fusing neutral colors with pops of color and eye-catching space graphics.

The graphics feature a mix of realism alongside futuristic visions - planets and planet-like landscapes feature familiar motifs of basketball courts, motel signs, parking lots, escalators and more.

Standout pieces include a glossy red coat mirroring 'The Red Gateway' and an all-black glossy dress contrasting against the more vibrant looks within the collection.

Details throughout included calf-high boots, statement necklaces and shoulders, as well as oversized block-colored pockets.

Watch the whole collection below.


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