4 Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life In A Long-Distance Relationship

How to keep the spark alive from afar.


There are many pitfalls to being in a long-distance relationship. Though, perhaps the biggest downside other than being unable to see your S.O, is the lack of regular intimacy you are able to have with your partner.  
However, just because you are apart physically, doesn’t mean that your sex life has to suffer. So, if you’re struggling with how to keep the sexual spark alive with your long-distance beau, rest-assured - there are ways to stay close.

Use Technology To Your Advantage 

Nowadays, sexting is more accessible than ever. With the release of remote-control sex toy apps, and the ability to video chat via FaceTime or Skype – whenever and wherever you please, there is no excuse for not getting techy with your partner. 
 Whether it’s good old fashioned phone sex or mutual masturbation – now’s the time to get creative!

Communicate Your Desires  

Intimacy is not all about crazy sex positions and kinky role-plays. When you’re physically apart from your other half, it’s more important than ever to communicate how you feel. 
Tell them about your sexual fantasies, divulge your long-lasting desires, and tease them about all the things you can’t wait to do to them once you are reunited.  
Staying connected emotionally, will make your physical intimacy all-the-more intense when you finally do see each other!

Surprise Your S.O 

Keep things interesting by surprising your partner with the unexpected. Whether it be through sexy snaps or flirty voice notes - make the effort to keep the momentum going when it comes to your sexual intimacy.

Don’t Solely Rely On Your Partner  

When you’re away from your S.O and horny, you might fall into the trap of open-ended sexual frustration. On the contrary – this is prime time to get to know your own body and pleasure yourself.  
The more you experiment with turning yourself on, the more inclined you will be to guide your partner on what really hits the spot. In turn, your sex life will reach new, orgasmic heights, that you never even knew you needed! 


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