Casual Recap: SICARIA's Debut EP Unleashes a Sonic Fusion!

Fusion of Moroccan heritage and London's grime.


London-based artist SICARIA is making waves with her debut EP, 'Blood, Sweat & Self.' This musical journey blends her Moroccan roots with the vibrant energy of North West London's grime and dancehall scene

The EP kicks off with 'Still Swingin,' a deeply personal track weaving tradition and innovation. Industry heavyweights like Mixmag and DJ Mag are already singing its praises. 



'Freak 2 Freak' emerges as a powerful anthem of female empowerment, setting the tone for SICARIA's exploration of diverse influences. With support from Radio 1 and Reprezent, it's a testament to her boundary-pushing commitment.

'(Not So) Serious Ting' pays homage to her London roots, destined to be a grime set anthem.  Finally, 'Tout De Sweet' closes the EP, showcasing SICARIA's alternative influences and adding sophistication to the mix. 

Born and raised in London with Moroccan heritage, SICARIA's journey began with Sicaria Sound, earning global acclaim. Now solo, she's already made waves with North American tours and viral sets. 

With a reputation for pushing the boundaries in dubstep, SICARIA's 'Blood, Sweat & Self' EP positions her as a heavyweight advocate for 140 bpm beats. Get ready for her to leave an indelible mark on electronic music!


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