Izzy S.O Drops 'Silly Me': Bold Sounds of Cathartic Expression

London's rising artist breaks boundaries with powerful new single.

London-based Izzy S.O bites back with thumping new single ‘Silly Me’. Infectious and buzzy, the new single is an enticing display of bold guitar riffs and cathartic songwriting, putting Izzy S.O firmly on the map as an artist to watch.

Born from the early stages of a break up, Silly Me channels the frustrations of a vicious cycle within a relationship. Sharing more Izzy explained: Silly Me was written when emotions were on overdrive and it was easier to feel angry than to feel sad about losing someone that I not only loved but also shared an amazing friendship with. Silly me reflects on all the moments in that relationship where I wasn’t being honest about how certain things were making me feel.
Don’t lose yourself trying to please someone you love whether that is a friend, partner or a family member. You’re not helping them if you’re not being real and you’ll only cause more pain further down the line.

Born in the West Midlands, Izzy S.O was raised on a diet of musical expression and creativity. Originally turning to poetry as her creative outlet, she began processing her emotions and experiences into a more digestible art form. This later transcended into songwriting, which during the pandemic, evolved further as she began working with producer Dustin Dooley. It was then Izzy cemented her sound which today toes a line between alt-pop and pop-rock and indie. Pulling inspiration from the female greats such as Alanis Morisette, Mazzy Star and Avril Lavinge, Izzy’s authentic expression and rich emotive songwriting is the perfect soundtrack to heal to.

With lots more to come from Izzy S.O this year, she’s definitely someone to keep all eyes on!