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Lizzo Joins The Effort To Support Australia While Touring

Swapping her Sequins for Hi-Vis.


As wildfires continue to devastate Australia, Lizzo is the most recent celebrity to get involved in efforts to help residents. Around 32,000 square miles of landscape has been consumed by the fires with an estimated half a billion animals also dead.

Celebrities from Kylie Jenner to Elton John have made donations within the millions. Meanwhile a group of 12 luxury brands have joined together to raise a total of approximately $687,515 USD ($1million AU), the group includes Gucci, Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen.

Whilst LA based influencer Kaylen Ward aka ‘The Naked Philanthropist’ has broken Instagram raising around $1million USD by asking for a donation (of at least $10 USD) in exchange for a nude photo of herself before being banned from the site.

Lizzo has taken a more “hands-on” approach whilst on tour in the country. After performing at the Sydney Opera House she swapped her sequin leotards for a hi-vis vest, as she volunteered the Food Bank Victoria in Melbourne.

Known for her uplifting speeches at her shows, Lizzo offered one to the hardworking volunteers at the food bank, thanking them for their efforts. They too were grateful for another pair of hands as volunteers have been working non-stop for the past week. Food Bank Victoria thanked Lizzo for her exceptional work on Twitter, you can read the statement here.

You too can support those affected by the Australian wildfires, NBC News has put together a list of organizations that you can donate to.


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