Let Nápoles Put You On Her ‘Cloud 9’
Nápoles 1/4
Let Nápoles Put You On Her ‘Cloud 9’
Nápoles 2/4
Let Nápoles Put You On Her ‘Cloud 9’
Nápoles 3/4
Let Nápoles Put You On Her ‘Cloud 9’
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Let Nápoles Put You On Her ‘Cloud 9’

She wants her listeners to dream away.


One month ago, we covered a release of her emotional and nostalgic single ‘4 In The Morning,’ the third instalment from her EP. Nápoles, a Stockholm-based artist of Cuban and Russian roots, experienced as a gospel singer and an opening act for Beyonce, kept her promise. Her 6-track project ‘Cloud 9’ is seeing the light of day, bringing a very consistent, groovy sound, which fuses R&B with neo-soul.

Her deep, authentic but also, extremely sensual vocal resembles Kali Uchis and unfolds ‘4 In The Morning’ as a complete and highly personal story, introduced by a smooth opening track ‘Wish You Knew.’ ‘Lime and Honey,’ dedicated to her closet ones, celebrates ‘deep and true connections,’ whereas ‘I Been Up’ brings on her introspective experiences.


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 This is how Nápoles explains the title. ‘To me, Cloud 9 means otherworldly. It is another realm and frequency where everything is possible. It is my world, lifestyle and I want to take my listeners there. I want them to dream away with the help of sweet melodies and sounds. I want them to recharge whenever they experience the project. It’s truly an elevation of what I want to pursue musically, and I want to bring my listeners in on the journey I’m on. It’s a cohesive EP with different sides of me as an artist.’

Listen to Nápoles if you want to float on her ‘Cloud 9.’

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