Kris Jenner’s Beauty Brand: What We Know

The newly filed trademarks span a multitude of beauty products.


Never one to miss an opportunity to grow the Kardashian-Jenner brand, business mogul Kris Jenner is planning to make her mark on the beauty community.

On February 10th, Kris filed three trademarks under Jenner Communications Inc: “Kris Jenner Skincare”, “Kris Jenner Skin”, and “Kris Jenner Beauty”. The trademarks cover a range of beauty and skincare products.

This is hardly an unsurprising choice for the momager, whose savvy media moves catapulted her children into mega-stardom and saw them dominate our screens- and our newsfeeds- for well over a decade.

Kris has been the tycoon behind much of the Kardashian and Jenners' successes, ranging from youngest daughter Kylie’s billion-dollar makeup empire to Kendall’s international modelling career. But with the highs, there have been lows- including accusations of cultural appropriation towards Kendall’s tequila brand and the initial name for Kim’s shapewear line, Kimono (now Skims).

Somehow, no matter what, the Kardashian’s continue to come out on top. We can’t blame Kris for wanting a slice of the action.


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