Kim K Rates Her Most Iconic Looks

The good, the bad and the Yeezy


Kim Kardashian West recently took part in Vogue magazines “Life in Looks” video series and took a stylish walk down memory lane to rate the best and worst outfits to have graced her closet. In the video we are reminded of some of the iconic looks which have stormed the red carpets and #brokentheinternet over the past 13 years. Kim shares her dry sense of humour and laughs at her more unfortunate choices throughout. She also shows her vulnerable side when remembering how she cried after her first Met Gala when wearing the floral Givenchy gown created for her by Riccardo Tisci. 

Who can forget when Kim rocked Juicy Couture tracksuits alongside Paris Hilton, her Balmain glory days or the head-to-toe Yeezy phase? Whether you love or hate her, there’s no denying she’s shaped the fashion industry today (literally with her SKIMS shapewear) and influenced more trends than we can count. Sorry for laughing at your cycling shorts Kim, we take it back now. X

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