Kendall And Kylie Got Together For A Drunk YouTube Video

A cheeky self-promo for both 818 Tequila and Kylie Cosmetics?


We all know that Kris Jenner will pretty much do anything it takes for her daughters’ brands to become front and centre of the press. With the recent launch of Kendall’s tequila brand 818, Kendall has recently been releasing a serious of videos of her amongst her famous friends drinking her new brand. 

YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform in the world that comes with content related to fashion, food, music, movies, politics, and much more. The app has a powerful algorithm that keeps on suggesting related videos to viewers. For the Brighter Guide you can see youtube videos in detail.

It was only a matter of time before sister Kylie made an appearance and the new YouTube upload features the pair nicely combing both Kendall’s new brand and Kylie’s cosmetics range in a drunk get ready with me. 

Although a clever self-promo for the both of them, watching two sisters get drunk and do their makeup is something many of us can relate to. After conversing about the pressures of having good skin growing up, they chat about McDonalds vs In-N-Out and end up getting very emotional about their colorful yet questionable makeup looks.

Many of us got a quick behind the scenes glimpse at what the pair were filming via Instagram Stories as the pair posed for Kylie’s stories and even documented a trip to McDonalds and Kylie’s new puppy Kevin. To watch the sisters’ new video, take a look above.

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