Why Fans Are Divided Over Kamala Harris’ Identity

Does nationality define a person’s blackness?


As the dust finally begins to settle on America it's citizens are now preparing for a lot of changes to the presidency at the White House.

However, news of Joe Biden's victory over Donald Trump is not the only thing on people’s minds. It was also recently announced that Kamala Harris will not only become the first female vice president in America but also be the first black woman in history to do so. Following the recent protests and events surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement this would seem like a victory for most but not everyone is entirely convinced. 

Whilst details about her mixed heritage were no secret, some supporters were shocked to learn of her South Asian and Black American decent.  Some even commented saying that she was suppressing her South Asian identity.

Many of the news outlets that covering her victory also described her as being black which has understandably fuelled a lot of the controversy online.

Whilst some fans are divided over Harris’ identity, other are just happy to have a vice president that represents diversity and change. Despite all the opposing opinions one thing that is clear is that this moment in history is a major milestone for ethnic minority women in American politics.

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