Just Come The F*** Over And Say “Hi”

Why talking to strangers is fun!


I have noticed that living in London comes with one more thing: you have or will probably pronounce my name wrong. That’s totally ok because I don’t mind correcting you, if it comes to that. But in order for me to give you my name, I need people to start talking to me.

The uncomfortable feeling of being stared at, proper X-ray mode activated, without saying a word makes me insecure. I start being more awkward and weird than I already am.

And if self-doubt wasn’t real enough I start questioning myself: What is it that people don’t want to approach me? Is it my resting bitch face, am I too hot or am I simply just ugly? If you read this, please slide into my DMs and let me know.

Me trying to be cute on Valentine's day after Fiorucci x adidas party.

Especially during Fashion Week, this behavior is being taken to a whole other level. Everybody is low key checking everybody else out. But don’t look too long or show love, because this “fan-behavior” will make you seem uncool *insert mayor eye rolling and head shaking here*

Behind the scenes or whatever at Phoebe English's presentation.

Walking into the House of Holland show like: Where is my damn seat?

The Rocky Horror Picture show was an inspiration for Underage's FW 19 collection. Are you surprised yet?

Natalie Coleman's SISTER collection was hella cute.

My solution: Just come the fuck over and say “Hi”. What’s the biggie? Well my friends, it is easier said than done. How can I expect you to do it when I would or could never? You have to know that I become socially awkward in big groups. I would suddenly not say a word anymore, shut down completely and just observe and listen to others. I disappear and for some reason, I don’t even plan to come back. On several occasions, my friends would ask me: “Danijel, what the fuck is wrong with you?”, and I didn’t know. Sway didn’t have the answers, nor did I. And it stressed the fuck out of me.

One day I read a book (yes, I do read and I read a lot) which was saying that most character traits of a human being would develop before the age of 6. So I dug deep down into my childhood and analyzed myself until following scenario unveiled in my thoughts: growing up in a big Croatian family my parents would always have somebody over on the weekends for coffee and a bit of rakija (fruit brandy that will get you drunk in milliseconds), pršut (dry-cured ham), cheese and a little chit chat. And these chit chats intrigued me so much that I would just grab what was on the table to eat, sit on the floor and enjoy the talk shows in my own living room. Talk shows for me didn’t happen on TV, they were right in front of me. I assume my knowledge at that time wasn’t enough to participate in these conversations and even when my parents send me away, I was right at the door listening. I was savage I am telling y’all. I believe I made myself grow up really quickly. By the age of 7 I did not only know about the latest gossip, but I knew how the world worked and me not speaking and only listening to grown-ups would show its effect later in life.

To fast-forward to the year 2018, this SS19 season I came up with the brilliant idea to decode my old behavior and insert a new code into my brain and body. And that code was: as soon as somebody looked at me for more than 2 seconds, I would give him/her the biggest smile and say hi and just talk. Don’t think, just talk. And all of that without alcohol obviously, which is hard! My old me would legit just look away and pretend to be on the phone or some shit.

You can definitely sit with me, @robinthem and @jftstylissimo at Fiorucci x Adidas party. As Roberto Cavalli once said: "Where is the party?" I am the party!"

Flexing in front of the House of Holland party with @heyleylai. They gave away free vype's, so I took a couple...

I managed to start a conversation here and there and honestly I was surprised by how open people would be. And you’ll meet that person that will tell you her/his life story in 2 minutes or that person that barely answers your question or anything in between. One sentence really stood out. I remember charging my phone and talking to this girl who when I had to leave said: “Usually nobody talks to me here, so that conversation was nice for a change.” And I am just going to drop the pen (a.k.a. stop typing) and will leave this text like this. Nothing more to add. BOOM.


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