Adidas Orginals By Ji Won Choi Presentation At London Fashion Week FW19

A recap by Danijel Vukoja.


Saturday, 16th February 2019. It‘s London Fashion Week, the FW19 season, I am legit running late to each and every single show thanks to mysterious circumstances or whatever.

For the next presentation, me and my clique are on the way to North London: Camden to be exact and precise. An area considered to be kinda hipster, kinda touristy, but a really good fit for the adidas Orginials by Ji Won Choi presentation. You heard right, after just launching the collaboration with Fiorucci and me (to this date) still recovering from the launch party at The Box, a new collection is on its way.

It’s around 6 pm, so I pretty much was power walking to the venue praying my battery wouldn‘t die so I could show my e-invite. Passing the streets of Camden I noticed something: I have never seen so many people wearing Adidas and walking in the same direction. However I arrived at the location at one point and I had to walk down a scaffold, which made me almost pee my pants because it was so hiiiiighhh!

The venue seemed to be like an empty huge mall. I was low key impressed by how spacious it was. However, when I noticed this huge colorful stage I literally run down the stairs. And all I saw was food and drinks waiting for me. I legit arrived in Adidas heaven! Connected with the adidas WIFI, which made me feel like coming home, and was ready to enjoy the presentation.

Home is where the wifi connects automatically.

Roses are red, violets are blue, i don't really care because lavender outfit I want you.

Red bodysuit with matching track pants.

If you wear this on your first date with me, I might propose straight away.

The set design gave me pure life and reminded me of La Muralla Roja in Spain.

This model and look made me scream from the bottom of my lungs. So good!

I legit drank 5 of these and wanted more, but then again didn‘t want security to escort me out. 

I am so happy I survived this scaffold. This shit was high! 

Issa look! 🔥😂🔥

Me causally blending into the set design.

On to the next one...

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