Introducing Atomy Ampoule

Is This Korean Skincare Product What You've Been Missing?


Westerners have become more aware and interested in Korean skincare products over the past few years.  And we are becoming more and more enamored with sheet masks and BB creams, but there is one product that is not so popular but does wonders for your skin. 

Ampoule is a product that works wonders on the skin, fighting signs of aging, dullness, breakouts, irritations, and inflammation. The consistency of the product works similarly to a serum, but with more power, and can be applied in the morning and evening after toning and before applying serums.

Atomy, a Korean skincare brand, has announced a new Ampoule, Absolute CellActive Ampoule, as part of its range.

Atomy Absolute Ampoule, 40ml $49.43

In addition to containing CellActive Code, this product helps you obtain radiant skin since it contains these ingredients:

Sinesis Leaf Water (Green Tea) maintains the skin's elasticity by preventing collagen breakdown. 

Niacinamide helps with acne, rosacea, pigmentation issues, and wrinkles.

Glucolic Acid dissolves the bonds between skin cells, including dead skin cells, and the next skin layer. Making the skin appear smoother and more even by creating a peeling effect.

Lactic Acid is particularly useful for treating hyperpigmentation, age spots, and other factors that cause dull and uneven skin. Benefits include improved skin tone and reduced pore size.

Japonic Root Extract has been shown to reduce sagging skin and inflammation.

Lupin Protein This protein contains ingredients that can help damaged skin recover. This includes restructuring the skin and restoring its strength.

Yosmetite Fermented Extract A skin-protecting substance found in Metasequoia trees 100 years old, it reveals the secret to long-lasting DNA providing anti-aging properties. 

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