Human Made And Krispy Kremes Unite In A New Release Of Donuts And Apparel

The collab showing love to our tummies and wardrobes.


The Tokyo-based, lifestyle brand Human Made are teaming up with multinational donut company Krispy Kremes, in a collaboration that unites taste and style. 

If you’re a lover of food as much as you are of clothes, then this is a release you won’t want to sleep on. The two brands have combined their expertise to create a selection of exclusive pastries. The delicious delicacies are packaged in a special box that is embellished with a melded logo of both brands. There are three flavors up for grabs - a chocolate strawberry heart with sweet and sour flavors, a smooth chocolate custard paired with a classic donut and the humble yet legendary glazed donut. 

Not only is this partnership offering limited edition, finger-licking treats but also comprises a range of garments. From factory jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts and cute accessories in the shape of donuts, all apparel and accessories are complete with the names of both brands.

From February 1st up until February 14th will see a limited batch of HUMAN MADE branded doughnuts ready to be purchased at the Krispy Kreme store in Shibuya Cinetower.

FYI: Each purchase will also include an adorable paper hat.  

Head over to Human Made’s online store to find out more. 

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