How To Strengthen Nails

Ensure the nail is always as healthy as possible.


Nails are essential parts of our body. They are primarily made of keratin, a tough protein. The nail is divided into three parts – the nail plate, nail bed, and nail matrix. The nail plate which primarily consists of layers of dead cells is the hard component of the nail. Beneath the nail plate is the delicate nail bed. At the base of the nail bed is the nail matrix. The nail matrix is made up of nerves and blood vessels. Nail cells arise from the nail matrix. Newer nail cells are in the base of the nail not to the tip.

Nails are not just there to give the body an extra spice of cuteness, they serve several key functions such as protecting the delicate tips of toes and fingers from injury. They also contribute to touch sensitivity and precise movement by exerting a counter pressure on the tips of fingers. Nails contribute to the general well being of the whole body because a problem to the nail could cause other body parts problems or could imply deep lying issues in the body. With these vital roles, it is important to ensure the nail is always as healthy as possible.

Over time, nails encounter different kinds of challenges that could compromise some or all of their functions at varying degrees. Some of the problems nails encounter are nail fungus (which results in nail discoloration, thickening, crumbling, and breaking), curved nails, ingrown nails, toenail injuries, etc. There are several things you can do to strengthen and care for your nails.

How To Strengthening Your nails

– Take supplements: The team of nail care experts at www.nailcarepalace.com reckon that most of the problems encountered by the nail are attached to the body’s immunity. For example, a weakened or suppressed immunity is one of the major causes of nail infections such as nail fungus. Hence, every effort must be made to keep the body immunity as high as possible. Old age and underlying health issues are some of the causes of the weakening of the body’s immune system. For old age, taking supplements such as biotin that boosts immunity is advised. Underlying health issues should be treated to avoid nail problems.

– Reduce water exposure: soaking your nails in water for too long makes them weak and brittle. Therefore, reduce the rate at which you soak your hands or feet in water or wear protective materials such as a glove.

– Keep nails clean and short: keeping long nails could expose you to different risks, e.g. microorganisms can get beneath them especially if dirty. Another risk of keeping long nails is breaking which can be caused when the nail is caught on things.

– Take a break from nail polish: nail polish allows us to color our nails to suit several purposes. It is one of the top things women pay attention to when they step out. As much as we want our nails looking cute and matching our outfit, we must always remember the nails need to breathe. A rule of thumb is to leave the nails without polish for the same length they were with polish. That is, if you have nail polish on for two weeks, leave the nails without polish for two weeks. Do not let nail polish last more than two weeks on your nails at a time.

– Moisturize nails: if you feel your hands and nails are too dry, moisturize them with a lotion or oil such as coconut oil.

Get tools: more often than not, we are guilty of trying to use our nails to get certain things done, for example opening a soda can. Doing this will expose the nails to breakage and chipping hence making them weak.

– In case your nail has already developed problems such as nail fungus, prompt treatment is important. There are home remedies, over-the-counter products, as well as medications that will help fight the nail infection thereby restoring the nail’s health. Treatment of nail fungus will normally last a few months but your nails will be restored especially if you engage effective treatment options. I wrote an article on the most effective way to treat nail fungus, check it out.


Nails serve important purposes in the general outlook and wellbeing of the body. Besides the health status, the outlook of your nails can also say a lot about you. Therefore, it is pertinent to pay attention to our nails. We must embrace proper nail hygiene and give attention to our diets as it borders on nails healthiness. Also, ensuring the nails stay strong can make a difference in the treatment of an underlying health issue. When you pay attention to your nails, you will easily and quickly notice changes that could lead to the early discovery of diseases such as diabetes hence the commencement of immediate treatment.

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