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Apply Nail Stickers Like A Pro With These 4 Easy Steps

I’m officially never going back to polish after this.


Now that salons are closed indefinitely due to the coronavirus, it’s up to you to do your own manicures; but the problem is that not everyone can do beautiful DIY nail art at home. Thankfully, many brands have done the hard work for you, creating easy-to-apply stickers that make it look like you were the one who perfected every detail of your manicure. So, if you’ve decided to go for stickers that’ll cover your entire nail, mimicking a full manicure – here are 4 easy steps on how to apply nail stickers flawlessly like a pro!

#1 Make sure your nails are clean & dry

You have to make sure that you have a clean base. Wash your hands thoroughly and dry them before applying the stickers.


#2 Apply the stickers 

Use tweezers to lift the chosen stickers from their backing and apply the sticker near your cuticle. Once you are happy with their position, use your different fingers to press it down.


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#3 Clean up excess art

Trim the edges to make sure that the stickers fit perfectly and follow your nail shape or nail bed.


#4 Apply 2 coats of topcoat 

Once you’ve achieved the desired look, apply the topcoat to seal and protect the stickers. And you’re done! Now you snap pictures of your new nails for the ‘gram!




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