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How To Plan A Minimoon

Take a look at our tips below for planning an unforgettable minimoon.


Getting ready to tie the knot? Congratulations! Aside from planning the big day itself, you and your husband or wife-to-be may want to organize a trip to celebrate your nuptials. But perhaps you need more time to save for the honeymoon of your dreams, or you can’t take lots more time off work? This is where a minimoon comes in – a short, low-cost break taken straight after a wedding. Sound good? Take a look at our tips below for planning an unforgettable minimoon.

Set a budget

The first thing you need to do is set a realistic budget. It’s fair to say that weddings aren’t cheap, so you don’t want to start planning an extravagant trip if you’re not going to have the funds to cover it. It may be worth factoring the cost of your minimoon into your wedding budget to make sure you can afford it. Work out how much you’ll need to pay your suppliers in the run-up to your wedding and immediately afterward, and how much you’ll then have leftover to spend on your holiday. Remember – a minimoon is intended as a low-cost break that allows you to save up for a big honeymoon later down the line, so don’t be tempted to overspend.

Choose a location

Once you’ve got a budget, you can enjoy choosing the location for your minimoon. Of course, you’ll likely need some time to relax after the big day, so avoid choosing a hard-to-reach destination and a jam-packed itinerary that’s going to make you feel stressed. Instead, opt for somewhere that’s an easy drive or short train journey away. For instance, if you’re getting married in London you may like to head to the sunny south coast, or if you’re getting hitched in the north, you could head to the Lake District.

Plan activities ahead

It’s always worth planning the activities you want to do in advance. Not only will this mean less time wandering aimlessly, but it may also allow you to save some money. Many attractions offer discounts if you book in advance – so check out their website before you set off. For example, if you fancy sightseeing in London with your significant other, attractions like The Shard offer up to 20% off if you book in advance and the best prices are available 14 or more days ahead. Buying tickets beforehand will also reduce the likelihood of the event or attraction is sold out – so you’re less likely to be disappointed! 

The key to planning an amazing minimoon is to remember its purpose: to rest, relax and celebrate the start of your married life. Don’t put pressure on yourselves to organize a lavish no-expense-spared trip, but simply enjoy spending some one-on-one time together after your wedding. By making sure the cost is factored into your budgeting, choosing a sensible location and planning your activities ahead, you’re sure to organize a successful trip.


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