4 Ways To Avoid Future Feuds With Your Bae

Here’s how you can say “it’s fine, let’s leave it”, and actually mean it!


Taking out anger and frustrations on those closest to you is something everyone has been guilty of at one point or another. Even when our innocent lovers aren’t to blame for our bitchy mood swings, just the sound of their breathing can be a trigger for WW3. So, off the back of the most romantic Friday of the year, and in the spirit of the 2020 “New Year, New Me” positivity vision – here are 4 Fizzy tips on what to do AFTER a fight, and ensure that love ain’t fizzlin’ out any time soon.

1 – Your pride ain’t worth shit RN girl


Sometimes the worst part of arguing, is the part where you realise that maybe you aren’t THAT bothered anymore, and maybe you overreacted just a lil’ bit. Hey! Here’s some news for you: you shouldn’t stay mad at someone you love for the sake of your PRIDE. Pride ain’t gonna’ make you orgasm baby – so fuck it! Pro-longing the length of the fall-out will only hurt you, and your partner further. Just say fucking sorry.

Making up after an explosive fight can be very awkward, the type of interaction you’d agree to watch 'Cats (2020)' for a week straight, to avoid, but it’s gotta’ be done! It’s time to talk, kiss, make-up and move on. No time for bad vibes!

Resolving problems quickly and maturely will prove to both you and your bae that you can argue ~healthily~, and any future disagreements may not be AS hot-headed, (plus, think about the sweet, sweet make-up sex!).

2 – Hold yourself accountable & apologize


All jokes aside, in heated rows with your other half, whether or not you ‘started’ it, you have most likely said or done something that has caused upset or hurt someone very close to you, and you have to take responsibility for your actions.

Don’t go in all guns blazing – LISTEN to your partner, allow them to get their feelings across, now that the shouting has stopped and let them finish what they need to say – without shifting blame or mumbling excuses. Be receptive, not defensive.

Reminder: their feelings are just as valid as yours, and deserve to be heard.

There’s no ‘quick fix’ or one-size-fits-all solution to every relationship problem, we all make mistakes and learn from them. Yeah, you’ve fucked up babe, but shit happens and you gotta’ say sorry.

3 – Everything’s a joke to you isn’t it!”

Oh, to be in the honeymoon stage forever! Those blissful relaxed first few months, where your partner's sense of humour was the sexiest thing in the world. Fast forward to your 1st hiccup of the relationship, and the way they make bad situations into a joke may not have the same effect on you anymore. In those moments it can seem like their worst trait.

Thankfully, in hard times like these, laughter really can be the best medicine! Once the dust has settled, and both parties feel as though their points have been understood and taken note of, finding something to lighten the mood can save the evening.

That lil’ inside joke could save you from being big-spoon-less for the night, so get crackin’ them jokes Katherine Ryan.

4 – Live & Learn

Live & Learn

The crazy thing about most of these feuds is that once they have been dissolved, they feel like they happened one million years ago. But it’s really important not to play down the severity of such heated arguments, and make sure you have taken note of any triggers, to avoid such confrontation in the future.

Be open, be vulnerable and be honest. If you hate it when they leave their clothes all over the fucking bathroom, tell em’. If you know you’re a dick after a long day at work, find ways to change it!

Apparently arguing is the sign of a ‘healthy relationship’, but the make-up sex is so much better baby! You can fight hard, but make sure you’re loving harder!


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