How To Pick The Right Dress For The Right Occasion

Follow a few simple rules then you will always make a good choice.


Choosing the right outfit for the occasion can be painstaking. There is nothing worse than turning up at an event or workplace and realizing you have picked the wrong outfit to match the type of event. If you follow a few simple rules then you will always make a good choice no matter what the occasion. Here are a few classic dress styles and when to wear them. These dresses are a great addition to any wardrobe

The Catch-All

Okay, first of all, here is the must-have dress that is appropriate in almost any situation. The midi dress is comfortable while still looking fantastic. It is appealing, a little bit sexy, but not inappropriate for the workplace. A midi-dress can be combined with shoes and jacket combination that will set the tone for the outfit. Try to pick a range of patterns so you can mix it up, especially if you need to wear a similar outfit on consecutive days. 

The Professional 

The sheath dress is a fitted straight cut dress pattern. It can be easily confused with the shift dress, however, a sheath has more structure and fits more neatly to the body. The sheath dress is a formal style that is comfortable while still looking professional. A sheath dress is a good choice for a smart workplace, such as a lawyer’s office, or a job interview. Pick an outfit that stands out with bold simple patterns. Colorful prints can add a touch of personality to your look too. 

The Practical 

The shirt dress is a great outfit when you need to roll up your sleeves and get work done. Think of a day decorating a bedroom or out digging up a garden. The shirt dress is practical and can come in an array of fabrics. Durable denim fabric is good if you are doing practical jobs because it is strong but still gives you some freedom to move. Shirt dresses are also practical for a day with lots of little tasks. They can be dressed up with a fashionable belt and jacket or left loose when you are getting the day-to-day tasks done. 

The Night Out 

If you are going for a romantic dinner or a night out with the girls, you will want to look your best. If you are body confident and happy with your look then a body-con dress shows off your figure, while keeping a touch of elegance. Choose an outfit that boosts your confidence rather than anything that would make you feel uneasy. If you are unsure of a dress shape that hugs your body so closely, then combine it with a flowing cardigan. That way you only need to reveal your stunning dress whenever you are comfortable. 

The Night In

Last but not least, the jumper dress looks exactly as it is described. Warm, cozy, and comfortable, the jumper dress is great for a night under the blankets snuggled up watching a movie. Pick a fabric that you love the feel of and a pattern or motif that makes you smile. This jumper is all about self-care and indulgence.