How To Make Your Sneakers Last Longer

Make the most out of your sneakers.


A pair of sneakers is one of the most classic and foolproof footwear you could ever have. They go almost well with everything, making you look stylish and comfortable. However, buying sneakers often isn’t sustainable, especially if you’re purchasing trendy ones. Even if you get expensive ones, they can still experience excessive wear and tear, especially if you ignore proper care and maintenance.

Say you purchased the perfect sneakers, like the Vintage Havana. The last thing you want is to only use them a couple of times. It’ll be nice if you can make the most out of your sneakers. Below are some ways to make your sneakers last longer while you use them as your go-to footwear:

Buy The Right Size

While this may seem a bit obvious, buying the right size is something you should not overlook because it can affect your shoes’ longevity. Apart from damaging your feet, you may notice faster wear and tear with your sneakers as they don’t mold well with your feet.

While it’s easy to avoid tight shoes, as they’re hard to put on, loose shoes aren’t a good option either. This can cause your shoes to have bigger creases since there’s too much motion and room between your shoes and feet.

Ideally, your shoes should feel comfortable. You should be able to walk with heel-to-toe motion. To ensure the perfect fit, you should do a test walk with your shoes and see if you can comfortably walk. If you’re shopping online, go for stores with a detailed size chart available on the website, like Shoebacca, which also has a great return policy.

Read Care Instructions

If your sneakers have materials such as leather or suede, care instructions are usually placed inside the box. You need to read the instructions and follow them exactly. It takes the guesswork out on how to provide the most appropriate care for your shoes.

Protect Right After Unboxing

You should begin protecting your sneakers right after pulling them out of the box. Once they’re out of the box, they can quickly gather dirt or water, especially if you open them outdoors.

You can protect your shoes by using a good repellent spray. This should help repel any water and dirt, keeping your shoes clean.

Ideally, you should test your shoes for a small water spray test to see if the repellent works. If you notice that the shoes are absorbing the water, let them dry first before re-spraying your repellant. You can do this every one to two months to be sure.

Do Not Toss Them In The Washer

Cleaning shoes can be too intricate when doing it by hand. That’s why some people prefer to wash their sneakers by tossing them in the washer. While this can be convenient and easy, you’re doing more damage to your shoes.

Your tub can be too intense for your shoes, soaking them entirely and spinning them for several rounds. This can cause your shoes to lose their shape and degrade their quality.

While it may require more effort, it’ll be better if you hand wash your shoes. You can use a damp cloth, toothbrush, shoe brush, and cleaner.

If your sneakers only need a little cleaning, you can use a damp cloth to wipe any dirt away. When using a toothbrush, try to use the ones with soft bristles to avoid damaging your sneakers.

Clean After Dirt Immediately

As soon as you see dirt on your shoes, you should clean it immediately before it leaves a stain. You can use a dry tissue to remove it. However, if the stain is too intense, you can dampen a rug and scrub as much as possible.

Cleaning any stain at once helps prevent it from permeating, which may be harder to remove after a few hours. You can do more intensive cleaning once you arrive home.

Store Them In The Right Place

Proper storage also plays a vital role in your sneaker’s lifespan. When you’re not using your shoes, you need to place them where they can be safe and secured. While storing them in an exposed shoe rack to double as décor, if they directly hit the sunlight, it can cause discoloration and damage to your shoes.

Ideally, you should store your shoes in a cool, dry place. It’ll be nice if you can allow for proper ventilation to prevent mold from developing due to excess moisture. It’ll be great if you can put them back in their original boxes with their silica gel to help absorb moisture effectively and keep your shoes in their perfect shape.

Fill With Newspaper

To avoid losing your sneaker’s shape, you should fill it with old newspaper when not in use. They can also help absorb moisture. It may be a hassle to remove and replace the newspaper when you have to use your sneakers, but this slight inconvenience can make your shows last longer.

Remove Odor

Your shoes can develop a foul odor, especially if you engage in intense physical activity. A foul stench can encourage bacteria growth, which can slowly damage your sneakers. To make them last longer, you should remove any odor from your shoes.

You can wear moisture-wicking socks and let your sneakers dry before and after usage. It’ll also help if you use a generous amount of deodorizing spray, which helps freshen up your shoes without any chemical residue. They’re completely safe for your sneakers.

Purchase Sneakers For Certain Activity

Different shoes have their purposes. Buying a pair of running shoes will be perfect if you’re planning to run. Some sneakers are also intended for specific sports or activities, like basketball or tennis.

To make your sneakers last longer, you should purchase shoes designed for the activity you’re planning to do. Because they’re intended to bend, depending on how you use them, they won’t be damaged soon and easily.

Untie Them

You should always untie and tie your shoes whenever you need to put them on and off. Yanking your sneakers with the tie on can cause unnecessary pressure on your shoes. This can affect its quality as they’re not intended to stretch with such strength.

Moreover, putting your shoes on with lace can also cause pressure. Even if you’re in a hurry, you should untie your shoelaces whenever you need to put them on or off your feet.


Having a pair of sneakers is more than just elevating your outfit. When getting a pair, you should think not only of the style and use but also of the maintenance. This article offers practical steps to take care of your shoes, starting from what you purchase and how you wear them down to storing them. While some may be extra steps, they can help you get your money’s worth and make your sneakers last longer.