How To Know If Your Perfume Has Expired

Because perfumes do have a shelf life.


Can a perfume really expire? This is a question every beauty addict has wondered about once. This week, we answer it. Additionally, learn to identify the telltale signs of an expired fragrance.

Perfume is one of those beauty products which holds a significant sentimental value. We all have memories of a relative’s signature scent, and playing with our parents’ dressers. 

Fragrances are also a common gift.  Chances are you have a few bottles sitting in your closet.

But, Fragrances can be expensive. As a result, you want to hold on to them forever. Don't.

Does Perfume Expire?

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Yes, they absolutely do. Like most products, the countdown begins from the moment you open the bottle. Luckily perfumes have a longer shelf life than most beauty products. On average, an opened bottle will last from three to five years depending on the notes, and the exposure to light or heat. Perfumes with heavier base notes such as amber, or patchouli will last the longest.

Three years is a fair amount of time for a regular user to empty a bottle. However, even if we remain faithful to a signature scent, we occasionally enjoy trying out new fragrances. In this case, beauty fanatics can accumulate a large number of bottles. Just browse on YouTube to gag at massive perfumes collections.

How to tell when a fragrance is expired?

An obvious sign is a discoloration. When your perfume takes a darker or yellower hue, it’s time to toss it. Nevertheless, it’s rather hard to observe this phenomenon with the tinted or loaded with UV filter bottles.

Furthermore, a reliable indication is a smell.  Is the smell different or the fragrance less potent? Bad news.  Also, as the perfume oxidizes, the scent can become sour or metallic.
Another easy method is to check the bottle for an expiration date or batch number.

Now with all this knowledge, it’s time to clean out your beauty cabinet of any potentially expired perfumes and make place for new ones.

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