How To Get Back On Track After Eating So Much During Christmas

No stress, we figured out a way!


Christmas is a wonderful time! Family reunion, all festive carols, local markets with little treats and, of course, delicious Christmas food. O, how wonderful! Cakes, gingerbread cookies, mince pies, turkey, roasted potatoes… You regret nothing, but extra pounds gained. You have eaten so much you are afraid not to fit in your favorite dress? No panic! 

We help you to get back in shape until next Christmas.

Drink more Water 

Good news! The weight we put on after holidays is water, but do not hesitate to drink enough of it. Pure water only serves your body. Firstly, it helps to speed up metabolism (after all tasty desserts, it is something we definitely need). 
For a week forget about juices, coke, and alcohol. Tea and coffee are acceptable, but remember that caffeine dehydrates. Water is a drink of life!

Stay Active 

Bad news! The water weight can easily transform into body fat in a couple of weeks’ time if you will let it happen. The body thinks simple. More food – more energy. Thus, if you do not consume the energy you gain body fat. It is especially important after Christmas overeating. 

Do you have 5 minutes? Do squats. Do you like walking? Jog instead. The more energy you spend - the sooner you will get back your toned body. 

Forget about Diet 

Being on diet is not the same thing as eating healthy. Christmas overeating is stressful for us, but putting the diet on top of it is even more so. Why? Because there is no middle ground. Even if you lose the weight, once you are off the diet, it will come back again (maybe even more of it). Who needs it? Nobody. 

Eat enough, but not more than enough. How do you know? Well, simply eat when you feel hungry. Ideally, eat less than 350 g each time. 

Positivity is a Key

Do not stress too much about weight. Instead, use it as a motivation to look slim and beautiful. Do not torture yourself with thoughts “Why did I eat that much? What did I think about? How to get back on track?”. Periods of carrot and stick alternate in life and one does not work without the other. 

The power of positive thinking does magical things! If you stay positive – all extra weight will be gone much sooner!


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