How To Add Edge To Your Style

There is no better way to showcase your free spirit.


As we get older, we learn that fashion is an ideal way to express ourselves. It’s normal to get tired of the same everyday outfits and want to spice things up and use your clothes to express yourself. There is no better way to showcase your free spirit than by adding some unexpected edginess to your everyday style. This style is owning who you are and not worrying about what others think. Edgy clothing and accessories have been popular for decades, whether for streetwear or festivals and mixing these pieces together is both fun and fashionable. 

Add Details

The easiest way to add some edgy style to an everyday outfit is through your accessories, like hats, shoes, and jewelry, while keeping your clothing classic. In warmer weather, this can be harder to do, so opt for edgy details in your clothes too, like angular patterns, cut-outs, and exposed zippers. 

Wear Zippers and Angles

Zippers can be anywhere, such as on the neckline, on pockets, sleeves, or along shoulders. Zippers take classic pieces to edgy in seconds. When you’re looking for the perfect jacket, remember that the more zippers the better. As far as angles go, look for asymmetry, angular patterns, and v-necklines. Anything sharp, angular, or irregular is perfect. 

Wear Accessories

Edgy accessories should also be angular, sharp, and textured. They should express your inner rock chick, even when you’re wearing them with classic pieces of clothing. Bags could be quilted, studded, or have extra zippers and chain details on them. Wear unexpected items like white platform boots to add some fun, edgy details. 

Wear Black

If black is one of your favorite colors to wear, you’re in luck. As soon as you pick out your statement leather jacket, it’s time to get out all your black clothes from your closet. Black is mysterious, powerful, bold, and versatile, and these terms also happen to be the definition of edginess. Match your black jeans with a simple black t-shirt, and add your leather jacket over the top for a bold, edgy look.

Invest In A Quality Piece

Edginess is timeless, so one of the best ways to embrace this kind of style is to invest in a classic piece that will stand the test of time. Achieving this style doesn’t have to hit your wallet too hard, but there are some key pieces that are worth forgetting about the price tag and focusing on finding a piece that will outlast the trends. A good-quality leather jacket or a pair of studded boots can be a game-changer to your wardrobe. If you take good care of these pieces, they can last you for years and are one of the few pieces in your wardrobe that will only look better as they age.

You can mix these items or wear them separately. A leather jacket is a great layering piece that can be worn with everything from skinny jeans to floral dresses. Your boots can toughen up a softer look, and or look cool with dark jeans, a loose tee, and a denim jacket.