How Kim Petras Brought Sex-Positivity To The Forefront of Fashion

If she can't have it right now, she doesn't want it at all.


Everyone’s heard UNHOLY by Sam Smith ft. Kim Petras. It’s been playing everywhere since it came out. But religious imagery, sin, and sex have been on brand for Kim Petras long before this song blessed us.

For example, her most recent album release is titled Slut Pop, featuring tracks such as Treat Me Like A Slut, and Throat Goat. While initially amusing, it’s very empowering to hear women coming forward and embracing their sexuality directly, with no airs or graces about it. However, it’s not just her music that Kim Petras has been using to promote sex-positive attitudes but also her fashion and style.

For example, her most recent musical release was the single If Jesus Was A Rockstar. Not only does this put sexual themes into religious contexts, but all of the promo and album artwork shows Petras in mini-skirts, American flag wrap tops, crop tops, and knee-high boots, all from different angles. This body positivity and, frankly, the strike back at religious conservatism via music and fashion is refreshing to see. The song absolutely slaps, by the way.

Even when not releasing new music, Petras makes statements with her fashion choices. Sometimes, this is more literal than you’d think. A quick scroll through Instagram or a google search gives you a plethora of Petras’ style statements. My favorite is a crop top that says ‘Anal’ in the Barbie font and color. Would I wear it? Yes, I would.

Is this the most provocative article donned by Petras? Not even nearly. We have leather crop top antopskirt co-ords. We have low-waisted plaid mini-skirts combined with crop tops and underwear on show. We have a dominatrix-style leather bra and a matching love heart thong. All this goes without even mentioning the album artwork and the fashion surrounding Slut Pop itself. You can imagine, I’m sure, but there’s a particular shot with the sweets Love Hearts and a pair of platform stiletto heels that just sums it up perfectly.

All this sex positivity goes even further when it comes to Petras’ fans. A white, drop-arm sleeveless tank top donned by a fan reads, ‘I like Kim Petras and sucking cock.’ To the point and on the nose, just like Petras herself. This sex-positive attitude is empowering and changes attitudes generally towards sex and pleasure. In particular for the queer community. It seems tongue-in-cheek and funny, but the fact that a woman that has just scored a top 5 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 is promoting sex- and body-positive attitudes for everyone, regardless of gender and sexuality is a monumental step forward. Not to mention that she looks absolutely amazing while doing so. Go stream Slut Pop. Do it for the future.


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