How Edikted Took Over TikTok And Instagram

What makes this brand stand out amongst the dozens of other fast fashion brands?


Israeli entrepreneur, Dedy Schwartzberg, co-founded Adika nearly a decade ago. Before expanding into the US and UK, the fast-fashion brand was one of Israel's top-selling fashion sites. 

In 2020, Schwartzberg and several other members of Adika's team left the company and launched a new one called Edikted. Like Shein, Fashion Nova, and Boohoo, Edikted sells affordable and trendy fashion and offers speedy delivery. 

So what makes Edikted stand out amongst the dozens of fast fashion brands that already exist? 

Schwartzberg says that the key to staying relevant in Gen-Z's mind is to move fast and flood social media. The brand manufactures clothing at low costs to keep prices affordable. Edikted orders clothes in small batches at a more frequent rate, adding or cutting styles based on their performance. 


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The brand also claims that pre-orders reduce their waste by better matching inventory to sales. An ad on their website reads, "pre-order for a more sustainable future!" 

However, sustainability advocates warn that producing less inventory does not make you a sustainable brand. Most fast-fashion brands, including Edikted, opt for cheap labor to keep manufacturing costs low. Fast-fashion brands make their clothes from synthetic fibers that can't be recycled and are only worn a few times before ending up at a charity shop or in the trash. 

Edikted offers a more refined selection of clothing than its competitors. They only roll out around 100 styles a month, which is relatively low compared to brands like Shein, which drops thousands of new styles weekly. 

The brand chooses quality over quantity; they appear more curated than brands like Shein and claim to use better quality materials. Their price-point is also higher than Shein. However, they often have sales so that customers feel like they are getting a good deal.

To keep up with the competition, the company pays for air freight so that customers can get their orders in five to seven business days, on pace with fast-fashion competitors like Shein. 

According to social media manager Dash Hudson, Edikted's TikTok videos receive double the average video views of other apparel brands its size. 

The brand jumps on whatever trendy product young shoppers are looking to buy right now to maintain their relevancy. The demand for any specific trend is relatively easy to track on TikTok and Instagram. Rather than sending PR to large influencers, Edikted chooses smaller creators, known as micro-influencers, to show off outfits and shopping hauls.

According to Tribe Dynamics, Edikted had a 24 percent month-over-month increase in mentions and engagement during October on TikTok, while apparel brands as a whole fell 3 percent. 

Schwartzberg declined to share Edikted revenues for 2021 but said it already surpassed Adika's US sales (Adika's annual global revenue in 2020 was about $70.7 million). Though Gen-Z is often reported as the generation most concerned about the environment, Schwartzberg expects shoppers to keep coming back. 

The brand owner may be right, because according to Google, the top four trending fashion brands among US Gen-Z consumers at the start of September were Edikted, Cider, Verge Girl, and Adika. 


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