How About We Don't Hypersexualize Nurses For Halloween This Year?

It's time we start paying more respect to frontline workers.


Just yesterday, the Quebec Order of Nurses (or Ordre des Infirmières et infirmiers du Québec) posted a video to their website denouncing the overwhelmingly popular trend of the sexy nurse costume. The almost one minute-long video begins by demonstrating a simple google search for a nurse costume for halloween, followed by an abyss of hypersexual, campy, and borderline derogatory search results for said costumes. 

Then, the video showcases how nurses actually dress, exemplifying the reality of the profession and that there is little to no glamor or eroticization that goes into being a nurse. The actual uniforms of nurses, including light blue scrubs, surgical masks, gloves, minimal makeup and natural hair, is then placed next to the ostentatious “sexy” nurse costumes usually seen at halloween stores. The video ends with stating that nurses look after the health and safety of their respective communities, and that it is now our job to protect and cherish their image and how they’re portrayed.

With the COVID-19 Pandemic, the recent Monkeypox outbreak, lack of proper payment, and extremely stressful working hours/conditions, the last thing that nurses need is to have their image and their careers be turned into a sexual fantasy or mockery of any kind. Halloween is next Monday, so this is a quick PSA ahead of the holiday to reconsider what your costume will be if a “sexy nurse” was in your roster. Let’s look out for each other and begin paying respect to everyone, but especially our selfless frontline workers.

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