Holly Silius' 'Polaroids and Body Prints' Redefines Contemporary Art

Body as canvas.


Central Server Works, an online platform for contemporary art, is proud to present Polaroids and Body Prints, a virtual exhibition by the renowned multidisciplinary artist Holly Silius. The exhibition, which opens on December 2, features a selection of Silius' works that explore the feminine form through polaroids and body prints.

Silius is a British artist who has collaborated with some of the most influential figures in the fashion and entertainment industry, such as Tom Ford and Kim Kardashian. She is known for her innovative use of body casts, wearable art and masks, as well as her body painting and sculptural adornments. Her work reflects her passion for color, shape and artistic freedom.

Polaroids and Body Prints showcases two aspects of Silius' practice: her archival painted polaroid photographs and her series of body prints on canvas. The polaroids capture the beauty and diversity of the female body, with models such as Hari Nef posing in Silius' creations. The body prints are impressions of the human form on canvas, using paint and other materials. These works were originally exhibited at Tate Britain in 2016, and demonstrate Silius' skill and creativity in transforming the body into art.

In addition to Polaroids and Body Prints, Central Server Works will also release an exhibition of Silius' sculptures, which are based on body casts, wearable art and masks. These works challenge the conventional notions of sculpture and explore the role of the body as a conduit for artistic expression. The exhibition will be accompanied by a critical essay that examines Silius' work and its relevance in the contemporary art scene.

Polaroids and Body Prints is a rare opportunity to see Holly Silius' stunning art online. The exhibition will be available from December 2 to February 2, 2024, at Central Server Works' website. Don't miss this chance to witness Silius' celebration of the human form through polaroids and body prints!