Back to Nature: Kim Kardashian Embracing Earthy Tones 

Kim's current style: Nature's color palette dominates.


We all know that Kim Kardashian is the queen of the basics, right? But how does she take such a minimal color scheme and maximize her outfits? Let’s delve into how this global fashion icon seamlessly incorporates the tranquility of nature into her wardrobe, inspiring a trend that harmonizes high fashion with the timeless beauty of the natural world.



This warm and welcoming shade is the upmarket older sister of orange, and its deep yet vibrant color will have you looking your upmost sophisticated. Recreate Kim’s look by pairing this bold shade with simple cream tones to really help it stand out. 



Kim’s signature shade. The most versatile of them all, beige is the classic neutral that can be paired with just about anything. The options are endless, whether it’s a cream leather boot, cozy cream sweater or a full cream Skims moment. 



Nobody rocks a brown fit quite like Miss Kim. You can’t get any more earthy than the warm shades of chestnut brown in your looks, which is probably why this shade has been trending with fashion retailers for years now. The best way to rock this color is to layer your pieces, varying different shades of brown to create the ultimate chocolate masterpiece. 



From military to mesmerizing, khaki is coming back thanks to Kim and we’re not mad about it! Grab a trendy pair of khaki cargo pants and pair them with a black top and accessories for the ultimate model-off-duty vibes. 



Whether it’s a dark stone or light marl, Kim uses grey to combine comfort and style in her looks. Opt for a matching grey co-ord like the queen herself or pair it with other basics like black or white. 

By wearing a pallet of earthy tones, Kim Kardashian has showcased the beauty of the natural world into her wardrobe. Her looks embody a timeless elegance that transcends circulating trends, as she chooses to embrace simplicity instead.