Here Is Why Mullets Are Back On The Rise

Incase you were wondering.


We're not very sure about this. 

Our current global taste is very much a business in the front and party in the back kinda vibe. It isn't a surprise that this very controversial hairstyle has caught on like wildfire in the past few months. 

Although in the larger scheme of things, the mullet has been popularized by the Netflix show, 'Stranger Things' however after dwelling in conversations with 'Mulleters', this hairstyle is also a gender-fluid statement. 

Many hairdressers around the world see this hairstyle as a cool, political statement; a statement of androgyny. The mullet allows scope for all genders, non-genders, and binaries. 

Another popular explanation for the resurgence of mullets is that it goes against the conventional rules of beauty. 

According to Caryn Franklin, fashion commentator, and professor at Kingston School of Art, the new-wave mullet is a backlash against the high-maintenance, long-haired looks that have dominated portrayals of femininity in mainstream advertising. “Hairstyling has always allowed for non-conformist statements,” she said.

The more modern take on mullets according to Teen Vogue is the step mullet. It resembles the steps in a staircase, with hair cut in different tiers. The inspiration for this style comes from cutting your hair in the kitchen with scissors or whatever is available. 

Interestingly, there also happens to be 'mullet festivals', where people with the hairdo gather to well, party, we think. In Belgium, outside an artisanal brewery, hundreds of nostalgic mullet-people gather to celebrate their hairstyle, iconic to the 1980s.

We like to think that in time, we will look back at mullets as the bedazzled jeans of the 2000s. Looked cool, felt good but didn't send out the right message.

Preview image source: Photographer: Joshua Uhm for Vogue World.


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