Healthy Doesn't Mean Slimmer

The take away from Zara McDermott's weight loss from slim to slimmer.


Love Island star, influencer and model, Zara McDermott has posted multiple photos regarding her recent dress size drop from a size 10 to a size 6. She seems very proud of her achievements over the last 18 months and wants to show it off. Yet is healthy eating and a quick gym sesh really all that’s been going on for her to drop 3 stone?

She was recently going through a very public and messy breakup, although, back together with her ex, some have said that the break-mixed with the major weight loss is portraying a damaging coping mechanism. 

Zara took to her Instagram stories to defend that she is naturally slim and being 10 stone and 5”6 wasn’t ‘normal’ for her. She stated that her new weight of 7.7 stone makes her BMI perfectly fine but those number just don’t seem to add up. In fact, taking into consideration her weight and the amount she states she exercises; it would actually appear her BMI is very low. Of course, if the model wants to lose weight she can, but for her to say that her new weight is still healthy is a very damaging image to portray.

Many people have taken to social media to show their naturally slim bodies whilst being 10 stone and 5”6. It would appear that people are just worried about the image and message that is being portrayed to many of Zara’s younger fans. 

All bodies are beautiful, and each body is different. But can we celebrate a potentially damaging message?

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