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HBX PVC Tote For Free

HBX PVC Tote For Free

We have the lowdown.


Transparent Totes are the MVP of the handbag team this season. Not just futuristically fashionable but also practical, you’ll never forget your keys again! One glance and you’ll know they are in your tote. 

HBX understands the struggle it is to want everything new but have no mo why in the bank. To help a sister out the awesome team at HBX are giving away a limited number of their own medium size PVC tote. All you have to do is shop up a $200 storm with one item from the HBXWM line in your purchase. Use the code HBXPVC at check out. 

This tote is more transparent than your ex with its specs typed out in bold on the tote. It also features the HBX logo, so everybody knows who you’re repping!

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Check out HBX’s new look book for some shopping inspiration.