Aveda Drops The Wax And Goes 100 Percent Vegan

It's not a sticky situation.


International haircare brand Aveda have announced their efforts to become 100 percent vegan.

Ridding their products of animal ingredients the brands products will no longer contain beeswax and beeswax-derived ingredients; making a move to synthetic wax derived from petroleum.

In a statement from Aveda's Global Brand President, Barbara De Laere, she said "Today marks a really exciting moment for our brand...We’re thrilled that we can now further decrease our impact on the planet by offering 100 percent vegan products."

The brands step towards ethical products has introduced its first-ever Global Advocate for Sustainability, climate activist and model Arizona Muse.

A fan of Aveda, Muse said "Being named their Global Advocate for Sustainability is such an honor for me… I am proud to be working with a brand that shares my values."

The company's move to fully vegan products follows their existing vegan ranges Nutriplenish and Botanical Repair and the creation of cruelty-free beauty has been a part of Aveda's philosophy since 1978.

You can find these good-for-the-planet products on the Aveda website, where you can learn about the formulas, ingredients and benefits.

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