Gigi Hadid Stuns In New Miu Miu Campaign

A tribute to the past.


In a dazzling display of chromatic brilliance, Miu Miu's latest campaign is a celebration of its storied heritage and a forward-looking vision. Channeling the pioneering spirit of the legendary English photographer Yevonde, the campaign, led by the iconic Gigi Hadid, is a modern homage to Yevonde's defiant approach to both photography and women's rights. The portraits, masterfully captured by Steven Meisel and styled by Lotta Volkova, are a visual feast, presenting Miu Miu's classic Wander and Arcadie bags against a backdrop of deep pinks and blues, a tribute to Yevonde's signature style. The collection introduces the bags in vibrant new colorways, such as "Caramel," "Cognac," "Soleil," and a particularly striking bright orange, reflecting the vivacity of Yevonde's artistic legacy.

This campaign is not just a nod to the past; it's a statement about the enduring influence of artists who boldly push boundaries and challenge norms. Miu Miu, through this collection, not only honors an artist who transcended the limitations of her era but also asserts the timeless allure of its designs, proving that art and fashion are eternal companions in the dance of creativity and defiance.