froge.mp3: Debut Album From Piri And Tommy

The drum'n'bass duo have finally released their long awaited project.


The energetic drum'n'bass duo piri (Sophie McBurnie) and Tommy (Thomas Villiers) have AT LAST released their debut project 'froge.mp3'. Meeting shortly before the first lockdown, dating soon turned into creating music together and emerging through TikTok with a string of absolute bangers. With their music drawing the attention of artists such as Charli XCX and Pink Pantheress, it was clear this Manchester based, singer/songwriter-producer duo were going to be a success. 

'froge.mp3' was entirely written by the duo and produced by Tommy, who tells how "“every single track was an experiment. This was the first time I’ve been entirely responsible for producing an entire record, it’s been super fun to make and I’ve learned so much about producing just by doing this." Piri adds, " We really wanted to avoid guiding or limiting ourselves too much during the creative process: we made whatever we felt like, just for fun, and I can definitely feel that energy of us enjoying being creative and with no pressure when listening back."

The 12 track album includes viral hit "soft spot" which is all about falling for someone but being unsure if they feel the same. The catchy hook and rave-y, mid-nineties type beat and relatable lyrics pathed the way for viral success. 

Following the release, piri and tommy have a string of gigs coming up around the UK, including a performance at Scala in London on November 8th. 


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