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Watch Our First Episode Of Our New Series FOLLOWING_

Today we spend one day with model and style blogger DILAN.


For the first episode of our new YouTube series FOLLOWING_ we traveled all the way to Essen, Germany to meet up with 21-year-old German influencer DILAN.

She is not only well known for her amazing dark curls — making her truly stand out in the very crowded german Instagram community — she’s also an inspiration when it comes to style and attitude. With a natural understanding of mixing well selected vintage pieces with today's best sportswear brands, Dilan creates looks that inspire her audience all around the world.

Her 60K+ fanbase on IG is growing every day. To give them and you a little inside in her daily life, we followed the cool sweetheart with a very open heart one day around her home town Essen.

We visit the Unperfekthaus (engl. ‘Imperfecthouse’) in downtown Essen, where Dilan enjoys hang out, surround herself with creatives and study for university. In one of her favorite vintage supplier, she talks about her influences and her love for vintage clothes. We visit the Baldenay See, a beautiful lake to enjoy the sun and dream about the future. And we do ‘the most Dilan thing to do in Essen’: Getting the best Chilli-Cheese-Fries in town and round off the day by chilling in her favorite bar.

You can get inspired by her charming personality and her killer looks, composed with her vintage collection and the new adidas Originals BELLISTA Collection and the new adidas SLEEK coming into stores today. Shop here for $103 .

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