Fizzy Girls Of The Week: This Week's Killer Instagram Style Queens

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Hey you! Have you got us on Instagram yet? If not, follow us for your daily fix of fashion, sneakers, aesthetics and... YOU. Through our #FizzyGirl hashtag, we live vicariously through your super-hot OOTDs, because nothing gets us more inspired than real girls repping the realest streetwear.

In our new 'Fizzy Girls Of The Week' feature, we're upping our repping game – for all those times when a simple regram doesn't do your fire justice. Every week, we pick out our favorite fizzy girls – the ones who straight up made our heart skip a beat – and sound off about why we love their style. Want to get featured? Tag your looks #FizzyGirl and keep your eyes peeled right here at In the meantime, check out this week's killer Fizzy girls below!



Ein von @vivi_bckr geteilter Beitrag am


We're not sure if we've seen a feed with more sportswear sass than Vivi's. Logos, triple stripes, sneaks and fishnets are this girl's speciality – and always put together like a pro. This look is the perfect example of her laid-back style, adding femininity to a loose-fitting pair of trackies with a tight-fitting crop top and a little peek of those sexy tights. 



Ein Beitrag geteilt von jessylaw (@jessylaw) am


All Nike everything. Jessy, are you about to leave for football practice? If so, probs best to take those hoops off. Haha no, jokes, babe you look fresh! The London-based fashion blogger, writer and model is definitely one to follow, serving up some truly inspirational streetwear looks and also publishing on the awesome Gal-Dem magazine. 



“German otaku,” Sarah is an anime girl with a passion for fashion. Her unique style juxtaposes the super-cute with oversized sportswear androgyny, statement slogans and sexy details. This look is definitely one of Sarah's darkest, with head-to-toe black and a bit of “Death” for good measure – do not mess. The hat and dark lipstick add a cool signature twist. 



Ein Beitrag geteilt von Suzie Grime (@suziegrime) am


Badass biatch Suzie Grime is hands-down one of our favorite Instagrammers. The fashion journalist, stylist, cannabis activist and feminist has a truly enviable look, mixing and matching totally unexpected garms into high-attitude perfection. This look speaks for itself – we are totally digging the dangerous black-and-yellow combo.



Ein Beitrag geteilt von HANNA HELSØ (@helsoe) am


Hanna Helsø is all about those soft aesthetics – and the sneaks, of course. (Hands up if you're a fellow sneaker head in need of a display wall like this.) The Norwegian sweetie has been collecting sneakers since the age of 16, having to buy most of her pairs online or whilst traveling as the sneaker community is much smaller in Norway – especially for women. We love this effortless adidas tracksuit and double bun look – but which shoes to wear? 



Ein Beitrag geteilt von みつき (@mi_t3a) am


This streetwear-heavy Instagram lets the garms do the talking, with not a face in sight. Supreme, Vans, Stüssy, Nike and Yeezy all get a moment in the limelight. We love this Supreme street-style shot – is that you Mitsuki? 


“Go after dreams, not people,” says Stuttgart-based babe Giulia Adinolfi's Instagram bio, and now we're wondering how dream people fit into the equation. Her high-contrast urban shots are all about simple streetwear outfits, dressed up with a punch of personality. Those socks are dope!