Fizzy Girls Of The Week: We Feature Our Favorite Insta Style Queens

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If you're not following our Instagram yet, what are you even doing with your life? Haha no, just joking (but seriously follow us). If you're already hard double-tapping our daily visual diary of fashion, sneakers, aesthetics and general fizziness, however, then you'll definitely know about #FizzyGirl. Via our hashtag, we live vicariously through your super-hot OOTDs, because nothing gets us more inspired than real girls repping the realest streetwear.

In our brand-new 'Fizzy Girls Of The Week' feature, we're upping our repping game – for all those times when a simple regram doesn't do your fire justice. Every week, we'll be picking out our favorite fizzy girls – the ones who straight up made our heart skip a beat – and sounding off about why we love their style. Want to get featured? Tag your looks #FizzyGirl and keep your eyes peeled right here at fizzymag.com every Monday. In the meantime, check out this week's killer Fizzy girls below!


Alina Kossan @alina_kossan


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Alina Kossan (@alina_kossan) am

Berlin-based babe Alina Kossan is all about pared-down aesthetics. Basic top + trackies + sneaks + that edgy bob = fucking attitude. This look – a little more color than we're used to from Alina – deserves no less than that 100 points emoji and a virtual pat on the back for nailing that pose, balancing at 45 degrees on a literal bridge. (Fun fact: that phallus on the horizon is actually just an old water tower.)


Jule$ @_julezh


Ein Beitrag geteilt von JULE$ 🐚🐬 (@_julezh) am


We love this prickly OOTD from the recently blue-haired fashion, hip-hop and art maven, Jule$. Jules-with-a-dollar-sign is totally speaking our language with all black and white streetwear everything – those triple stripes really make a statement. She ties the look together with a cap and fanny pack for the most swag you've probably ever seen at a botanical center. Thoughts on that tiny cactus man on the right? 


Elizaveta @elizaleva_


We adore a girl who can work a pair of tinted sunnies. Cologne-based Elizaveta makes her see-through blues the star of the show with a chic low pony, pairing with a post-soviet tee and camo pants. Elizaveta's Instagram is full of super-cool street shots, simple streetwear and plenty of glistening highlighter. 


Masha @masha_medusa


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Masha (@masha_medusa) am

That motorcross-inspired merch from Berlin biannual 032c is as fire as its flame print would have you believe – and Masha got the styling DOWN. With messy locks tucked into a high neckline and statement white sunglasses, the look embodies Masha's androgynous streetwear sensibilities. 


Fatma Kutscher @fatmasaltwater


Is it just us or is it too exciting when your outfit ends up matching the room? Why? Because your life is basically shaping up to be one giant color-coordinating, aesthetically pleasing Instagram opportunity. Fashion stylist and mommy-to-be Fatma Kutscher is pretty genius with this – just check her feed. This look is one of our faves from her, tying together in oversized mix-and-match perfection. Those purple sneaks, though. 


Anna @style___by_anna



Ein Beitrag geteilt von Anna (@style___by_anna) am

Japan-based beauty Anna has also had a little foray into the color-coordination game in this awesome OOTD. The black, white and beige look is given a pop with that bright orange work wear belt and gold medallion. We totally dig the angular road-level perspective. 


Michelle @iz.michellee



Ein Beitrag geteilt von Michelle. (@iz.michellee) am

“I wonder if you look both ways when you cross my mind.” Michelle, this highly charged ensemble – featuring Supreme, Off-White and adidas – has got us looking in all directions. The Sydney-based style queen is only 14 posts into Instagram, but her electrifying streetwear looks are already showing some serious promise. Nailed it.