Five Fall Fits For You And Your Girl Gang

Hooking you up with the combos of the season.


The cold rainy nature of fall is usually pretty uninspiring. The sky is chronically grey, your feet are wet and your mood is down. But we won’t let you fall (pun intended) for the easy fix called 'sweaterweather', meaning you’d only wear your bf’s sweater until the sun comes out again. It’s cute but way too boring for the streets. So we got you covered with a fresh set of outfit inspiration. Whether you like to layer up or want to show off the rest of your summer tan — we got all you need.

1. The 'I casually look like a Berlin Influencer'

Redefine the word 'camo' and get in Heron Preston's leafy lounge pants. To make sure you won’t blend in too well with your surroundings we picked out a bright orange bandeau accompanied by Nike’s Terra Humara with tangerine highlights. She’s a look, and she’s out there getting all the attention.

Top: The Ragged Priest Zip Thru Bandeau $48; Pants: Heron Preston Brown Camo Lounge Pants $480; Sneaker: Nike Air Terra Humara $145; Bag: Nana Nana PVC Bag $62

2. The 'I’m street but still a cute brag'

Cold weather does not mean you can’t be cute anymore. En contraire, now is the time to get you’re coziest Puffer Jacket and pair it with matching colors. Wanna feel extra cute — combine soft pastels like baby pink and white to make the rest of your tan pop.

Top: Sweet Dreams Turtleneck Sweater $49; Bottoms: IAMGIA Cobain Overall $179; Jacket: Tommy Jeans Funnel Neck Padded Shell Jacket $179; Sneaker: Nike Wms Air Force 1 Jester $110; Bag: GCDS Micro Pouch $67

3. The 'I only go to Berghain for the music'

Halloween and Scorpio Season are around the corner, so hop into your kinky clothes. This fall the kink is brought to the streets (and not just to those VIP techno parties). Make sure to buckle up and strap on your biggest — chest bag! Goth kids are the cool kids now.

Top: Wasted Paris Real Lies Cotton Jersey Runnel Neck Top $44; Pants: IAMGIA Harban Pants $140; Sneaker:  Puma Phenom Satin EP $100; Bag: ALYX Nylon Chest Rig $615; Hat: ALYX Black Bardot Beret $135

4. The 'The nineties were like my favorite time ever'

What do you get when you morph an icon from the 80s with one from the 90s? Millenialgasm, is what we’ll call it. Wear out the Brooke Shield’s Tee and Alicia Silverstone’s iconic plaid combo that leaves your peers clueless (about how you miss the 90s when you were literally a toddler). Top it off with a classic fisher cap, a waist bag and a furry pair of sneakers. And with 'whatever is left, you’ll pay the rent'.

Top: Calvin Klein Brooke Icon Logo Tee $70; Skirt: Guess Plaid Skirt $59; Jacket: Guess Plaid Trucker Jacket $98; Sneaker: Vans Authentic Furry Trainer $75; Bag: Napa by Martine Rose Black Peric Wais Bag $315; Hat: Rag and Bone Black And Navy Fisherman Cap $195

5. The 'Rain won’t stop me from slayin''

Just because the weather is the incarnation of a dirty wet towel on the floor doesn’t mean you need to quit wearing cropped tops (german speakers get the joke). Show of that cookie storer but keep yourself warm and protected with a huge puffer jacket and don’t let your feet soak wet with a pair of rain boots.

Top: Motel Milipe Buckle Cropped Top $34; Pants: Puma X Ader Error Side Stripe Sweatpant $110; Jacket: Puma X Ader Error Oversized Colorblock Puffer Jacket $280; Boots: Puma Platform Trace Boots​​​​​​ $130; Bag: Y-3 Black Mini Gym Backpack $70


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