5 Fitness Influencers You Need to Follow

Instagram has taken over fitness so we’ve listed the best of the best that offer everything-but-boring workouts.


Gyms haven’t been that reliable this last year as a result of the pandemic, and so the nation has turned to at-home workouts to keep fit. Whether it be making a punch bag out of a section of the sofa or putting tires on the end of a pole for a barbell, we sure have got inventive using the resources around us. 

While Joe Wicks has paved the way for fitness lovers on YouTube, a new wave of Instagram #Fitspo fans have also forced us to get active. With Instagram lives, everyone can join in at the same time, making it a personal fitness class for free. Where our Instagram bookmark section was once filled with travel inspo and beauty looks, it has now been taken over by fitness gurus and healthy food ‘porn’. We’re hoping it will stick long after gyms reopen. 

We get it: finding the best fitness accounts that project realistic goals is difficult, which is why we’ve done all the work for you. Below are some accounts that share all the best advice from inspirational quotes to training plans and even some dancing, so let’s get physical! 

Aditi Shah 


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Yoga and meditation instructor Aditi induces daily positive vibes to our Instagram feeds through motivational messages. As well as workouts she posts her own life and thoughts through fashion and beauty. She’s got the downwards dog pose down to a tee and if you like a great stretch, she’s definitely a page you’ll want to follow. 

Jessie Diaz-Herrera

Sometimes fitness isn’t all about lifting weights and running, Jessie shows how dance can be a great form of exercise, and a fun one at that. Studies have shown that dancing makes us happy, so whether you were born with dancing ability or two left feet, Jessie offers a safe space to experiment and get fit while doing so. Her account contains 10-minute dance videos as well as posts on self-love and delicious food, what could be better?

LaShawn Jones  

Another dance sensation, LaShawn Jones offers energetic routines filled with passion that are sure to make you sweat. She owns her own studio in California where she teaches 30-minute classes to hit sing-along tunes. Go on, have a boogie.

Kirsty Godso  


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Self-named the ‘Energy Dealer’, Kirsty showcases a full range of body weight workouts and stretches. One scroll through her page and you’re sure to be in awe of her gravity-defying moves.

Jeanette Jenkins

The queen of great glutes, Jeanette shares versatile weight workouts with detailed descriptions to make sure you’re smashing your goals. With over two decades of experience in fitness, she’s sure to whip anyone into shape, as well as celebrity clients Pink and Alicia Keys. Give her a follow and get ready to feel the burn. 


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