Forget Botox, Try Face Sculpting

Something you’ll want to add to your morning routine.


We all desire the bone structure of Angelina Jolie or Naomi Campbell, but unfortunately not all of us were blessed by the gods. While we know lasers and injections work a treat, some of us may be ready to give ourselves a face lift the natural way. The last 20 years have seen a rise in filler and botox to banish wrinkles and provide killer cheekbones, but now we’ve moved on to a less pricey fix. 

Face sculpting works by strengthening the muscles in your face to help tone and relieve tension. So, it’s essentially exercising your face, which sounds sceptical at first, but believe it or not our faces deserve the same workout that the rest of our bodies get. Not to mention it requires a lot less energy and you can even do it in bed (result).

As good as your skincare gets, without working the muscles beneath, the products just won't work as well. Think of it like warming up, just as you do when growing your glutes, you wouldn’t just jump straight into it. 

Skincare company Face Gym have accelerated the trend during lockdown, offering live tutorials on Instagram. Living by the motto “It’s not a facial. It’s a workout.”, the health gurus sell massage tools as well as oils to make sure your face is living it’s best tension-free life. Thanks to Face Gym, I’ve managed to master some moves to share with you. Ready to start a killer workout? Below are some exercises to get you started which target all 42 muscles, let’s go!

Crows-feet Exercise
As one of the most delicate parts of the face, this one needs extra attention. The outer parts of our eyes are prone to wrinkles as a result mainly of squinting and laughing. Using your thumbs, place them on the bones on either sides of your eyes and then without moving your head, look up and flutter your lids a few times before repeating.


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Cheek Sculpt and Tone 
Using your index finger, make a hook and in a sweeping ‘C’ motion from the mouth to the ear, move the hook under the cheekbones about 10 times. Your other hand can be used to hold your chin and create tension. Do the other side then you’re good to go!


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Goodbye Forehead Wrinkles 
With one hand take your index and middle finger and place on one side of your forehead to create tension. Then using your other hand and the same fingers, press and pull the skin in an upwards motion in a fast pace. This also helps to give our brows a lift. 


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Killer Jawline Exercise
Take your index finger and middle finger and bend them down to make two hooks. Spread them apart and place either side of your jawline, below your chin. In a pulling movement travel back to your ear and repeat for 30 seconds before going to the other side. 


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Once you get the hang of these moves, you can take it to the next level with Gua Sha, a deeper form of massage that uses a tool. Normally made from quartz, jade or onyx, the stone is used to apply more pressure and stimulate blood flow and circulation. A firmer face sounds great to me.

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