Film Director Nia Da Costa Has Made US Box Office History

Candyman brought in millions of dollars during its first weekend in cinemas.


The movie ‘Candyman’ is a sequel to the horror film of the same title from 1992 and made $22m in its first weekend in US and Canadian cinemas. It was directed by Nia Da Costa (31) who has made history through her achievement. She is the first Black female director to land a top spot in the US box office chart. 

Candyman refers to the urban myth of a hook-handed ghost that can be summoned by repeating his name five times in front of a mirror.

After working on crime thriller Little Woods, Da Costa came to Britain where she directed a couple of episodes of the crime series Top Boy. She then found out that she was shortlisted for Candyman and received an invitation to meet American filmmaker Jordan Peele with whom Da Costa co-wrote Candyman.

 “I love horror and I felt like I had a really good idea about how to make something scary, but also I’m very measured, especially with a story like this, about what is appropriate and what is not appropriate,” Da Costa told The Guardian. 

Da Costa’s achievement is especially remarkable as the pandemic drags on and movie theatres are just slowly recovering. Box office analysts confirmed that Candyman exceeded their expectations, considering it was released in the midst of the pandemic. 


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